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The waiting is finally over. Football’s coming home! From June 8th until July 1st the best soccer teams in Europe will come together and play the game of champions. Our girls – naturally born experts for balls of all sizes – are already burning to see the games. To get the fever started within you, we once again prepared our tip-game, where you can win lots of coins for free. Real experts can make 30 coins a day!

Our rules

As good as it gets – the rules:

  • You can bet on EVERY game. Latest time of entry is 30 minutes before a game starts (CET). No entrance fee.
  • Every bet is scored twice. For a correct tendency you gain 5 coins, for the exact answer you get 10 coins
  • In each game you can get therefore a maximum of 15 coins. On days with two games that sums up to possible 30 coins
  • You can cash in the coins, if you undertake a buying amounting to 19.99 Euros within 24h after the game ends. After that they expire.*
  • Starting from now we double the winnings. A correct tendency is than worth 10 coins, a correct result 30 coins.

*Eligibility requirements

From 08.06.2012 until 01.07.2012 you can bet on all games of the European Soccer Cup. Betting is at no charge. For every bet you can win 5 coins (correct tendency); with a correct end result you get additional 10 coins. Latest time to place your bet is 30 minutes before the game in question starts (CET). Won coins must be redeemed within 24 h after the game has ended, otherwise they expire. The coins are to be redeemed with a buying of at least 19.99 Euros. You get them as a bonus to your purchase.The payment-forms “Mopay” and “PayByCall” are excluded from this event. Eligible are persons above the age of 18. Every participant can bet once per game – participating via multiple accounts is not allowed. The event ends on July, 02th, 2012 at midnight. Jurisdiction of a court is excluded.

Won Coins