Double coins for the finale: Starting with the quarter finals we double your wins. A correct tip brings you 10 coins now!

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Football is coming home! The European championships are there ad with it our legendary TIP GAME, where you can win tons of free coins for the livechat. Joining the game is easy and super worthwhile as you can grab up to 15 coins every day!

Our rules

As good as it gets – the rules:

  • You can bet on EVERY game. Latest time of entry is 30 minutes before a game starts (CET). No entrance fee.
  • Each delivered tip wins: 5 Coins when you type the exact result, 3 Coins if you type the correct tendency and 1 Coin for every wrong tip
  • On a matchday with 3 games you can win up to 15 coins!
  • You receive your coins right after every game and you can use them directly in the livechat. But keep in mind, all coins from the TIP GAME are only valid until the next calendar day, 15:00!

*Eligibility requirements

From 06/10/2016 to 10/07/2016 you can bet on the results of all games from the EUropean football championships. There is no entrance fee. On every game you can win 5 coins (correct endresult), 3 coins (correct tendency) or 1 coins (wrong result). The latest moment to enter your tip is 30 minutes prior to the game. All coins you win you can directly use in the livechat and are only valid until 15:00 the next calendar day.Eligible are persons above the age of 18. Every participant can bet once per game – participating via multiple accounts is not allowed. The event ends on July, 11th, 2016 at 15:00. Jurisdiction of a court is excluded.